Colombia, guest of honour country

Colombia will be the country guest of honour at Liber’s 40th edition. As one of the most important publishing markets in Latin America, Colombia will benefit from its participation in this event promoting internationalisation of its rich and varied contemporary narrative, and regain pre-pandemic export levels.

Opportunities for Colombian literature

Colombia will present its extensive catalogue in a central space within Liber, showcasing themes, styles, publishers and new names in its current publishing industry. Under the leadership of the Colombian Book Chamber (CCL), the Latin American country will identify export opportunities for Colombian literature and present actions aimed at stimulating the marketing and promotion of the country’s book and narrative offer abroad. In Colombia, an average of 20,000 new titles are registered each year, with an available bibliographic stock of some 260,000 titles from 292 commercial, independent and university publishers and distributors.

Three days of cultural and commercial exchange

Authors, publishers, agents, distributors and institutional representatives will travel to Barcelona in October to build a commercial and cultural bridge with Spain, within the book fair’s framework. For three days, book industry professionals from 19 Spanish-speaking countries and a representation of the Spanish-language sector of the US publishing industry, will share their experiences in books and reading on various scenarios within the fairgrounds. At the same time, Liber will provide Colombian narrative access to emerging markets in the rest of the world through translation services.


The Colombian Book Chamber is preparing a programme of activities from the 5th to the 7th of October in Barcelona