• Winners of the 2022 Liber Prizes

    These are awarded by the FGEE (Spanish Federation of Publishers’ Guilds) and constitute the sector’s acknowledgement of individuals, companies and entities committed to the world of books and the promotion of reading.

    The 2022 Liber Prize for the promotion of reading in the media goes to Radio Nacional de España (RNE) in the person of Ignacio Elguero

    "For the attention to and interest in the world of books and reading that RNE dedicates to all its stations"

    The state-owned radio station has numerous programmes on the air aimed at different ages and segments of society in which books are the protagonists, as well as podcasts and sound fiction about literary works. The award will be collected by RTVE's Director General for Education and Culture, Ignacio Elguero.

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    2022 Liber Prize for the best audiovisual adaptation of a literary work for the feature film "Lemon bread with poppy seeds"

    “For the brilliant adaptation for the big screen of the bestseller of the same title published by Planeta, the work of the author Cristina Campos”

    The film directed by Benito Zambrano is a co-production of Filmax (Spain) with Deal Productions (Luxembourg). It tells the moving story of two sisters from Valldemosa (Mallorca) who were separated as teenagers and meet again to sell a bakery they have inherited from a mysterious woman they think they do not know.

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    Boixareu Ginesta' prize for bookseller of the year for Llibreria Ramon Llull in Valencia

    “With this award, the FGEE recognises the prestige of this bookshop in its area of operation and its important cultural work, hosting numerous events with authors and literary publishers at its headquarters.”

    For the Valencian bookshop, which this year celebrates its twentieth anniversary, the promotion of reading and cultural dissemination are an inseparable part of its DNA. For this reason, they base most of their work on two fundamental pillars that they take special care of: their bibliographic collection and their cultural programme.

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    The Historical Library of the Isabel la Católica Institute, 2022 Liber Prize for the promotion of reading

    “With this award, the Spanish Federation of Publishers’ Guilds (FGEE) also recognises the quality of the work carried out by this centre in favour of culture, books and their conservation”

    The historical library, in addition to the work of conservation and study of heritage and services to researchers, carries out heritage dissemination activities such as visits for the centre's teachers and the associations of the Retiro neighbourhood, as well as for the general public during the Science Week organised by the Community of Madrid.

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    Soledad Puértolas, winner of the 2022 Liber Prize for the most outstanding Hispano-American author

    “With this award, the FGEE rewards the strong commitment of Puértolas' literature to social values and her constant defence of books, reading and Intellectual Property"

    Her literary output includes novels, short stories and essays, and she has written more than 40 books. In 2011, she also presented the documentary "This is my land. Guided by water" on Spanish state television; a literary space where the work of different authors was collected to relate it to the landscapes that have featured prominently in their works. Since 2010, she has held the "g" seat in the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

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    Pere Gimferrer to receive the 2022 Liber Tribute for his career and work as a publisher

    "The FGEE awards this prize to Pere Gimferrer for his career and work as a publisher. A special award that emphasises "his remarkable work in the field of literary publishing, combined with his career as a poet, prose writer, essayist, critic, translator and language scholar”

    In addition to his work as a publisher, Gimferrer has an extensive and prolific literary career that has been recognised with the National Prize of Spanish Letters (1998), the Reina Sofía Ibero-American Poetry Prize (2000), the Octavio Paz International Prize for Poetry and Essays (2006) and the Federico García Lorca International Prize for Poetry (2017).

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